Holiday Schedule

We want you to enjoy the holidays with your friends and family. We also want our staff and drivers to do the same. That’s why we adjust our schedule around select holidays to provide an opportunity for everyone to enjoy special times with family and friends.



Apex Waste is closed on the following holidays:

~ New Year’s Day
~ Memorial Day
~ Fourth of July
~ Labor Day
~ Thanksgiving Day
~ Christmas Day

What Happens the Week of a Holiday?


When a holiday occurs during the week, all service is moved back one day. So if the holiday is on a Monday and your normal service day is Friday, the driver will come on Saturday. If you have not received service by the end of the day following your scheduled pick-up day, please call our office.

*Please be aware, the weeks of holidays we generally operate with extra trucks. What this means is that we may be arriving earlier in the day than the normal time, so we recommend customers have their trash out the night before to ensure you will not be missed.


Your driver may be one day behind due to holidays or weather emergencies. For instance, if the holiday occurs on a Monday and your normal pick-up day is Monday, the dumpster will be serviced on Tuesday. If your scheduled pick-up day is Tuesday, your dumpster will be serviced on Wednesday. We may also service the dumpster one day prior to the holiday. For service days following the holiday, your dumpster may be picked up on your scheduled service day or one day after. If the dumpster has not been serviced by the end of the day following your scheduled pick-up day, and a holiday or weather emergency has not occurred earlier in the week, please call the office immediately.